The General Staff of the Czech Republic allowed partial mobilization

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PRAGUE, January 25 – RIA Novosti. In the event of a military conflict in Europe, the forces of a professional army alone will not be enough, the whole society will have to join in, a “partial mobilization of people and equipment” will be carried out, Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Major General Karel Rzegka, said on Wednesday in an interview with the CTK news agency.
“If we potentially fight with someone in a big war in the foreseeable future, except for some terrorist groups, then it will be Russia,” Řegka said.

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In his opinion, in the event of a war between NATO and Russia, for example, on the eastern flank of the alliance, outside the territory of the Czech Republic, this would instantly affect the Czech Republic, and the participation of its professional army alone would not be enough. “The whole society will have to turn on, it will be necessary, at least, to carry out a partial mobilization of both people and material resources,” Řegka said.
According to the general, the conflict in Ukraine led to a change in the thinking of Western society, which began to admit the possibility of a war in Europe. NATO countries, including the Czech Republic, are currently reviewing their strategic documents, and an adjustment of the defense and security strategy is being prepared.
According to Rzegka, the public now admits the possibility of a long-term military conflict over a large area against a strong enemy. “This, of course, requires a completely different approach to defense and a completely different approach to creating army capabilities,” the chief of the Czech General Staff emphasized.

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