Estonia cannot restrict navigation in the adjacent zone, the ambassador said

MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. Estonia can create an adjacent zone, but Tallinn cannot restrict shipping there, it can only exercise additional control, said Russian Ambassador to Estonia Vladimir Lipaev.
“Estonia has the right to establish a contiguous zone, to add it to territorial waters, but the point is that the sovereignty of the state does not extend to the contiguous zone and it is not possible to restrict the freedom of navigation in the contiguous zone,” he said on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.
“The situation is being blown up a little in the Estonian media in order to give importance to themselves,” the diplomat added.
Therefore, the only thing that can be done in the contiguous zone is to exercise additional control if the vessel that is located there is suspected of violating the legislation of the state that owns this contiguous zone, the ambassador explained.

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