Russian embassy calls NYT article about letters with explosives a fantasy

MADRID, Jan 23 – RIA Novosti. The New York Times article accusing Russian military intelligence of sending bombs to Spain in 2022 is a fantasy, according to a press release from the Russian diplomatic mission in the kingdom.
“The main summary of the fantasy article “Russian agents suspected of running a right-wing extremist group to send letters with explosives in Spain” from the American newspaper The New York Times is as follows: “American and European officials BELIEVE that Russian military intelligence is guilty,” – writes the Russian embassy.

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It draws attention to the energy with which the Spanish press propagates this investigation, although it does not contain any evidence. For example, the newspaper El País, headlined “Russia Arranged Sending Letters with Explosives to Institutions”, wrote at the end that “the responsibility of the Kremlin for sending (letters) in Spain is unclear.”
In total, in November and December 2022, six letters with explosive devices inside were identified, which, in particular, were sent to Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, to the US and Ukrainian embassies in Madrid, and also to the Ministry of Defense. As a result, no one died, one employee of the Ukrainian embassy was injured. It is worth noting that earlier representatives of the Spanish law enforcement agencies noted that they had no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the incident.
Moscow has repeatedly rejected Western accusations of interference in the internal affairs of other countries and various violations. The Kremlin called them absolutely unfounded, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that there were no facts confirming this.

In Spain intercepted a letter for the consulate of Ukraine, media write

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