State Department commented on Prigozhin’s letter

WASHINGTON, January 23 – RIA Novosti. The United States immediately explained why Washington recognized the Wagner group as an “international criminal organization,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said, but he did not answer Prigozhin’s question about what the company had done.
Earlier, John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the US National Security Council, said at a briefing that Washington would impose sanctions against the Wagner group, and the Treasury would recognize it as an “international criminal organization.”

Wagner fighter spoke about the chevrons of mercenaries obtained in battle

“We explained our concerns about the Wagner group, declassified information, voiced our concerns,” Price said in response to a request to comment on a letter from the head of the group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, to the White House.
On January 21, Prigozhin’s press service published his “open letter” to John Kirby on its Telegram channel, which consisted of one question: “Can you name what crime the Wagner PMC committed?”
According to Price, the US believes that the Wagner group is involved in destabilizing activities, including in Africa.
“I note that the letter from Mr. Prigozhin to my colleagues at the White House was discussed immediately following the declassification by the White House of additional information about the activities of the Wagner group inside Ukraine, about the support coming from the DPRK,” Price said.

Prigozhin responded to US plans to recognize Wagner as a criminal organization

Kirby said last week that the North Korean authorities allegedly “falsely denied that they were supplying weapons to Wagner,” while showing some satellite imagery that he claims shows “five Russian railroad cars moving from Russia to North Korea and the next day, November 19, the DPRK loads them with containers.” According to Kirby, “the supply of weapons from the DPRK is a direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions.”
Experts in the United States and Seoul previously told RIA Novosti that the photos Kirby showed did not show that the DPRK was supplying weapons to Wagner, and that the data “doesn’t really say anything.”
Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said earlier that the US recognition of the Wagner group as a criminal organization does not have any significance for Russia or for the group itself. Washington was reported to impose sanctions against the Wagner group, and the US Treasury would recognize it as an “international criminal organization.”

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