French MP demanded not to stigmatize RT France employees

MOSCOW, January 22 – RIA Novosti. French MP Francois Ruffin demanded not to stigmatize the employees of the RT France TV channel.
“I demand that people who worked for RT France not be stigmatized and that their careers not be destroyed,” he said on France3 TV channel.
According to Ruffin, he would like the work in RT France to be considered not something negative, but “real work with information, counter-information in the conditions of French media pluralism”.
TV channel RT France on Saturday announced the cessation of work after blocking its accounts in France. The channel’s management reported that the Directorate General of the Treasury at the French Ministry of Finance decided to freeze the bank accounts of RT France under the pretext of the ninth round of sanctions against Russia, which did not mention the channel, but only a shareholder in the parent company.

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