Americans condemned Trump and Biden for possession of classified documents

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WASHINGTON, January 22 – RIA Novosti. Most Americans condemned the actions of former and current US Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who kept secret documents in the wrong places, according to the results of an ABC News / Ipsos sociological survey.
According to the tabular values ​​of the results of the study, 77% of respondents are sure that Trump “acted irresponsibly” with secret documents, while 64% of Americans responded similarly to Biden.

In the United States ridiculed the “idiocy” of Biden’s statements about secret documents

At the same time, among supporters of the US Democratic Party, Trump’s actions were condemned by 96% of respondents and only 47% of supporters of the Republican Party. Among Republicans, in turn, Biden’s “irresponsible actions” were reported by 89% and only 38% among Democrats.
Assessing the seriousness of the actions of the former and current presidents, 43% of Americans believe that Trump’s actions “were more serious” than Biden’s. In turn, only 20% of respondents believe that Biden’s actions “were more serious” than Trump. 30% of respondents are equally seriously concerned about the actions of both politicians.
The survey was conducted on January 20-21, 2023, 532 adult respondents took part in it. The margin of error of the results is 4.5 percentage points.

Biden commented on the secret documents with the phrase of the writer

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