Klimov commented on Sandu’s words about rapprochement with NATO

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MOSCOW, January 22 – RIA Novosti. Russian Senator Andrei Klimov, commenting on the words of Moldovan President Maia Sandu about the possibility of rapprochement with NATO, wondered if the head of the republic was ready to repeat the “suicidal policy” of Vladimir Zelensky.
The President of Moldova has repeatedly stated that the republic is neutral, but this clause of the constitution can be revised if the population speaks out in favor of rapprochement with NATO.

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“Is Mrs. Sandu really so indifferent to the Moldovans and so dependent on Washington, its European servants, that she is ready to repeat the suicidal policy of such national traitors from neighboring Ukraine as Poroshenko and Zelensky ?!” – Klimov wrote in his telegram channel.
The politician noted that the catastrophic problems of Ukraine began with the pro-Western coup in 2014.
“I know that my “Russian accent” is also read in Chisinau. Isn’t it time, dear citizens of our neighboring country, to draw our own conclusions regarding the thoughts of your current bosses to turn the Moldovan lands into another theater of NATO military operations? Or maybe the goal of Sandu and Co. still neutral and formally independent Moldova as a province of NATO Romania (perhaps one of the most backward NATO member countries)?” – said Klimov.
According to the constitution of Moldova, the republic has a neutral status, but since 1994 the country has been cooperating with NATO within the framework of an individual partnership plan. According to sociological surveys, the majority of Moldovan citizens oppose the republic’s accession to NATO.

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