Referendum in Slovakia declared invalid, media reported

PRAGUE, January 22 – RIA Novosti. The referendum on amendments to the Slovak constitution is declared invalid due to low turnout, the Bratislava TV channel TA3 reported, citing the state statistics department. This will be the eighth such case in the 30-year history of independent Slovakia.
“According to preliminary estimates, about 27.26% of citizens took part in the referendum on January 21, 2023 on amending the Constitution in order to early terminate the powers of parliament. In order for the results of the referendum to be recognized as valid, more than half of the citizens with the right to vote must that is, 2.2 million inhabitants of the republic. Thus, the results of this referendum will be considered invalid,” the statement says.
According to unofficial figures from the Statistical Office, 97% of those who voted supported changes to the constitution. The official results of the referendum are to be published on Sunday.
The referendum was initiated by the opposition Kurs-Social Democracy party, which in 2022 gathered over 380,000 signatures on a petition to that effect. None of the top leaders of the republic took part in the referendum – neither the president, nor the speaker of parliament, nor the acting prime minister.
This is already the ninth referendum in the 30-year history of independent Slovakia, of which, due to a weak turnout, only one was recognized as valid – on the republic’s accession to the European Union (2003). 52.15% of voters participated in it. Almost all the rest were devoted to internal problems.

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