The Germans put in place Zelensky, who insulted Scholz

MOSCOW, January 19 – RIA Novosti. Readers of the German publication Die Welt ridiculed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for his criticism of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
During an online speech at the international economic forum, the head of the republic complained about Western partners for indecision in supplying tanks to Kyiv.

Zelensky said he would try to return Crimea if the West supplies weapons

Portal users felt that Zelensky had no right to put the interests of Ukraine above the interests of Germany, and also offered to stop helping Kyiv for such behavior.

“Mr. Zelensky, this is our money, these are our tanks, and how we use them is our policy. Scholz is only loyal to his people, even if you don’t like it. Our economic damage is already great enough. I would say enough!” suggested Reinhold K.

“Of course, Zelensky does not understand this, because he believes that everyone should obey Ukrainian interests. The priority here is not Ukrainian, but German interests, and the German Chancellor is responsible for them,” Weltenwanderer commented.
“Zelensky only criticizes Germany. He probably didn’t even notice that the US doesn’t supply battle tanks either?” asked Steuerzahler.
“If you shake Zelensky’s hand, he will want to take it all away for himself. After he was convinced that he would receive heavy battle tanks from Germany, he immediately requested ships and combat aircraft. A bottomless pit for Western Europe …” Hans R complained .

“An immediate cessation of all support for Ukraine would be the proper response to the daily insolence coming from Kyiv,” Luke E said.

“The majority of the population of this country does not want to supply tanks to Ukraine. This is called democracy. What values ​​does Ukraine defend again?! Oh yes, “democratic”,” wrote vf.
Since February 24, a special military operation has been taking place in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin called it the ultimate goal of the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee the security of Russia.
Against this backdrop, the United States and its NATO allies are supporting Kyiv with tens of billions of dollars worth of arms supplies. Moscow has repeatedly stated that military assistance only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian army.

Switzerland did not rule out the use of Russian assets to help Ukraine

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