Media: FTX cryptocurrency exchange reported stolen 415 million dollars

WASHINGTON, January 18 – RIA Novosti. Bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX has estimated a possible refund of $5.5 billion, noting that about 10% of this amount was stolen by hackers, according to CNBC.
FTX reported that $415 million worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen by hackers.
According to the channel, citing the release of lawyers and advisers of the crypto-exchange, they set the amount of liquid funds for recovery in the amount of about $ 5.5 billion. Three-quarters of the funds were stolen from the international company, the rest – from the American division, the TV channel reports.
Lawyers for the company said they are evaluating assets that could be returned to debtors, including the property of founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Freed in the Bahamas.
In October 2022, the trial will begin against Bankman-Fried, who denies the charges and was released on $250 million bail. The New York prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the businessman, accuses him of embezzling client funds. According to investigators, he committed “one of the largest financial crimes in American history.” He was charged with eight counts, including conspiracy, money laundering and violation of political campaign finance. According to the prosecutor’s office, he resorted to political donations from both the Republican and Democratic parties of the United States to influence decisions made in Washington.

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Earlier, FTX filed for bankruptcy and announced that Bankman-Fried was leaving his post. Bloomberg reported on November 12, 2022 that FTX lost $662 million in one day under mysterious circumstances. According to the analytical company Nansen, the outflow was registered from the international and American exchanges FTX.
Some reports claim that FTX’s financial troubles stem from the exchange lending client funds to Bankman-Freed’s cryptocurrency hedge fund Alameda Research.
In late December, Bloomberg reported that Bankman-Fried had met at least four times with senior White House officials in 2022 before the exchange went bust. According to sources in the White House, the meetings discussed general issues of the crypto industry and currency exchange, as well as the fight against the pandemic. Bankman-Fried was noted to have donated millions of dollars to the U.S. Democratic Party during the 2022 election campaign, making him the party’s second-largest individual donor.

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