Armenia says Russia’s military presence in country will not last forever

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YEREVAN, Jan 16 – RIA Novosti. Member of the Armenian Parliament from the ruling Civil Contract faction Gurgen Arsenyan believes that the Russian military presence in the country is not eternal, and without the Russian military, according to him, Armenia will not pose a threat to Turkey and will become just a neighbor for it.
“The Russian military presence in Armenia is the result of the civilizational views of the first years of the creation of statehood … The Russian military presence is not eternal in Armenia. Armenia is going to normalize relations with its neighbors, create a platform for good neighborly relations to ensure possible further development. This is the program of our political team,” Arsenyan said in an interview with online resource.

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In his opinion, as a result, the Russian military presence as a guarantee of security will at some point “become unimportant.”
“Maybe they will remain, but it will become unimportant. It (the military presence – ed.) will not be the number one barrier against threats. It is a matter of time, and this time is approaching in parallel with the development of Armenian political thought,” the deputy said.
He added that the political leadership of Armenia in the 90s considered the Russian military presence a “lifeline” for the country, pointing to an existential threat from Turkey.
“They pointed to Turkey… Being in Armenia, the super-goal of the Russian military presence on the Turkish border is not a function of preserving Armenia, but a threat directed against Turkey in the first place… Turkey has never threatened us, we do not have such a fact after recognition independence of Armenia, so that Turkey would ever threaten us, there was no such thing,” the MP noted.
Answering the question of what would happen if there were no Russian military in Armenia, Arsenyan said that in this case Turkey would become an ordinary neighbor for Armenia.
“If they are not here, Armenia will become a country that does not pose any threat, including to Turkey. Because how can Armenia, with its potential, threaten Turkey? We will turn into a neighbor that does not pose any threat to this country, just like for Georgia or Iran, and in this case, the manifestations of the Russian paradigm will stop,” Arsenyan said.
In Gyumri, Shirak region of Armenia, according to an interstate agreement of 1995, a Russian military base is deployed. In 2010, the document was amended, according to which the term of her stay from the original 25 years was extended to 49, until 2044.

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