Japanese damaged destroyer began towing to the shipyard, media write

TOKYO, January 15 – RIA Novosti. The emergency destroyer Inazuma of the Japanese Naval Self-Defense Forces began to be towed to a shipyard in Hiroshima prefecture for further inspection, the Kyodo news agency reported.
It is noted that a tugboat of a private company was involved in the towing work. The destroyer is expected to be delivered to Japan Marine United’s shipyard in Onomichi on Sunday evening. The rise of the ship to the dock is scheduled for Monday, January 16th.

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After that, specialists will begin to inspect the destroyer, who must determine the cause of the accident.
The destroyer Inazuma lost its course on January 10. Presumably, he moved off course and ran aground, caught on an underwater reef, as a result of which the blade on one of the propellers broke off, which made further control of the ship impossible. The ship also received dents and cracks in the bow.
On Friday, divers found a broken blade, and measures were also taken in connection with an oil leak – it arose on a damaged propeller.
The maritime security service, based on the course deviation data, continues to investigate under the article on violation of professional activity.

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