Ukrainians enter into fictitious marriages for the sake of traveling abroad, media write

MOSCOW, January 14 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainians began entering into fictitious marriages with mothers of many children and women with disabilities in order to be able to travel abroad, local media reported.
“In Ukraine, a new scheme for the departure of men abroad is gaining momentum. We are talking about fictitious marriages. They are concluded with single mothers of many children or women with disabilities, which opens up opportunities for the newly-minted “fathers of the family” to freely travel outside the country,” the material says. Ukrainian edition “”, published on its website.

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It is reported that mediators have appeared in the country who, for two to three thousand dollars, help those who wish to find “brides”. At the same time, women participating in the scheme receive noticeably less: from 500 to a thousand dollars.
“The scheme has become widespread in villages, in particular in Transcarpathia, where there are many single-parent families and single mothers raising three to five young children,” Strana quoted an employee of a law firm who wished to remain anonymous. It is noted that according to Ukrainian legislation, a man married to a mother of many children can receive the status of a father of many children even without adopting children.
In the event that a citizen of Ukraine marries a woman with a disability, and, as noted in the article, even the “light” third group is suitable, according to new amendments to the law, such a “groom” can travel abroad an unlimited number of times and even without a spouse, for which he is the “accompanying person”.
Martial law was introduced throughout Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In November 2022, martial law and mobilization in the country were extended until February 19, 2023. Departure of men aged 18-60 from Ukraine for the period of martial law is prohibited.

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