Romanian authorities want to cut aid to refugees from Ukraine, media write

CHISINAU, January 14 – RIA Novosti. The Romanian authorities are preparing to cut financial assistance to Ukrainian refugees who do not get a job, Pro TV reports.
“Having spent more than half a billion euros to help Ukrainian refugees, money from the state, private and UN agencies, our authorities are thinking about reducing financial support. According to some sources in the government. In order to encourage refugees to work and learn the Romanian language, the authorities are considering serious changes,” the channel reports. .
Today, in Romania, any citizen of Ukraine can receive more than 2,000 lei (about $435 – ed.) without any conditions. Since spring, the authorities are ready to give out the same amount for a family, and only if the refugees are employed and their children go to school.
According to the authorities, since February 24, the Romanian leadership has spent 565 million euros on Ukrainian refugees, of which more than 100 million euros have been spent on food and accommodation.

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