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The Czech Republic begins the first round of elections on Friday to elect a new head of state to replace the Social Democrat Milos Zeman who completed his second term, local sources reported. in sequence:

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Nearly 15,000 polling stations will open their doors for the eight million citizens to exercise their right to vote and on Saturday morning the scrutiny will begin.

Petr Pavel, a former chief of staff of the Czech army and NATO military committee, is the top favorite with 29 percent voting intention. He is followed by former Prime Minister Andrej Babis, leader of the ANO movement (for its acronym in Czech), who was acquitted a few days ago in a trial against him on corruption charges.

Máme za sebou poslední televizní debate. Věřím, že pro mnohé nerozhodnuté byly debatey příležitostí se rozhodnout, kdo má dostatek zkušeností a potřebnou rozvahu pro vedení naší země. Dovolte mi pozvat vás zítra k volbám a popřát vám šťastnou ruku.

—Petr Pavel (@general_pavel)
January 12, 2023

The third candidate in the preference polls is Danuse Nerudova, an economist and former rector of Mende University in Brno, the country’s second-largest city.

According to experts, previous polls predict that none of the candidates will reach more than 50 percent of the votes, so a second round is expected within two weeks.

The forecasts agree that both Pavel and Nerudova, both supported by the ruling Spolu coalition, would win in a second round against Babis, although local analysts point out that the exculpatory sentence could boost the former ruler’s candidacy.

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