A source in the Foreign Ministry confirmed the return of the American Dudley to his homeland

MOSCOW, January 13 – RIA Novosti. The story with US citizen Taylor Dudley has a humanitarian dimension, ended “in normal mode,” a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti.
“Taylor Dudley was detained on April 25 last year in Kaliningrad after illegally crossing the Russian-Polish border … The Russian Foreign Ministry duly notified the US Embassy in Moscow about the incident, which confirmed the identity of the detainee and the presence of a mental illness requiring constant medical supervision” , he said.

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Earlier, an American prisoner exchange broker, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, confirmed to RIA Novosti that US citizen Taylor Dudley was returning home after being released from detention in Russia.
According to the source, “subsequently, by a court decision, the measure of restraint was changed for the American with the transfer under the supervision of doctors to a specialized medical institution.” He added that upon completion of the administrative procedures required for expulsion, on January 12, Dudley was taken to the Bagrationovsk automobile checkpoint (located in the Kaliningrad region), where he crossed the border.
“Thus, this story, which certainly has a humanitarian dimension, ended in a satisfactory way – as they say, in a “regular mode,” he concluded.
Dudley was taken into custody last year while crossing the border of the Kaliningrad region with Poland, after he entered the Kaliningrad region from Poland, where he took part in a music festival, for unclear purposes.

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