Malaysia and Indonesia quarreled with the EU over palm oil

MOSCOW, January 12 – RIA Novosti. The world‘s largest producers of palm oil, Malaysia and Indonesia, have decided to unite against a new EU deforestation bill affecting the supply of this product, reports the Malaysian newspaper Star.
Earlier, the European Union said it intends to limit the supply of palm oil if the products do not have a certificate of no deforestation in the production process.

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According to the publication, Malaysia and Indonesia considered the bill unreasonable and spoiling trade relations with the European Union.
“Palm oil is considered the cheapest oil in the world. Therefore, the EU’s constantly maneuvering measures look like a trade barrier to protect their own products. Right now, the World Trade Organization should intervene,” Malaysian Commodity Minister Fadilla Yusof was quoted as saying by the newspaper.
He added that Malaysia is actively discussing with Indonesia the possibility of a complete halt in the supply of palm oil to the European Union.
“One of the options is to stop exporting to Europe and focus on other countries if the EU continues to interfere with us,” the minister said.

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