Zelensky called for the deprivation of citizenship of Ukrainians with a Russian passport

MOSCOW, January 11 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainians with a Russian passport should be deprived of their citizenship, Volodymyr Zelensky said at a briefing in Lviv, the video of which was published by the president’s office on the Telegram channel.

“Our task is that all people who have dual, triple citizenship, including citizenship of the Russian Federation, who have spiritual or political influence on our country, all these people must necessarily remain with only one citizenship Russian and live in the relevant state,” he said.

The day before, Zelensky approved the deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship of deputies from the banned Opposition Platform – For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk, Andriy Derkach, Taras Kozak and Renat Kuzmin. He noted that “these are not the last such solutions, the services are working.”

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