Former Iranian deputy defense minister sentenced to death for espionage

MOSCOW, January 11 – RIA Novosti. Ali-Reza Akbari, founder of the Center for Strategic Studies and former Deputy Defense Minister of Iran, has been sentenced to death for spying for the British intelligence services, the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Information (Intelligence) said in a statement.
“One of the most important agents of the British intelligence service has been identified in the secret and strategic centers of Iran. He was arrested after a long and multi-stage counterintelligence operation. Ali-Reza Akbari became this spy for the British services,” Tasnim quoted the statement as saying.
Iranian intelligence indicates that Akbari had access to some of Iran’s secret data, he repeatedly passed it, as well as other information obtained in Iran, to the British intelligence services. The statement notes that Akbari’s recruitment began when he was receiving a visa at the British Embassy in Tehran. According to the ministry, he had a “conversation” with intelligence agents at the British embassy, ​​after which, during personal trips to Europe, he became “a full member of the British intelligence service.”
“After the initiation of a criminal case against the accused and the issuance of an indictment, the case was taken to court and the hearing was held in the presence of the lawyer of the accused. Based on the evidence in the case, this person was sentenced to death for committing espionage in favor of England,” the Iranian adds. department.

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