Anti-coal protesters pelt police with rocks in Germany

BERLIN, January 11 – RIA Novosti. German police on Wednesday morning began evacuating the village of Lützerath, where coal mining is planned, protesting environmental activists resist by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officers, said Aachen city police (North Rhine-Westphalia).
The German energy company RWE is planning coal mining in Lützerath, southwest of Düsseldorf. According to the resolution, the village must be completely liberated from the people living in it before the end of January. However, environmental activists protesting against mining want to keep Lutzerath and have settled in houses whose former residents have already moved.
“The evacuation from Lutzerat has begun. The area is fenced off. Currently, people in the cordoned off area have the opportunity to leave this place without additional measures from the police,” the police said in a Twitter statement.
Law enforcement officers also advised media representatives covering the events in Lutzerat to keep a safe distance.

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A little later, the police reported that the protesters began throwing stones and using pyrotechnics, as well as Molotov cocktails. “We urge you to behave peacefully. Follow the instructions of the operational forces. Immediately refrain from throwing Molotov cocktails. Behave peacefully and non-violently,” the police urged.
Several hundred protesters gathered in the village. Janina Wissler, co-chairman of the German Left Party, also advocates for the preservation of the village. On her Twitter, she posted a photo and video from Lutzerat, where she came to support the protesters.

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