Bolsonaro says he plans to return to Brazil before the end of January

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MOSCOW, January 11 – RIA Novosti. Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he plans to return from the United States to his homeland before the end of January.
Bolsonaro flew to the US at the end of last year, not wanting to take part in the transfer of power to Brazil‘s new president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. On Monday, the politician was admitted to a Florida hospital with abdominal pain. Bolsonaro left the hospital on Tuesday, against the advice of doctors.
According to CNN Brasil, on Monday, while still in the hospital, Bolsonaro said that everything was fine with him and that he should be discharged as soon as possible.
“This is already my third hospitalization for severe intestinal obstruction. I came to spend time with my family, but I did not have quiet days, first there was this unfortunate episode (protests in Brazil on Sunday – ed.), and then my hospitalization” he told the TV channel.

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Bolsonaro added that he planned to stay in the US until the end of January. “But I intend to postpone my return to an earlier date,” the ex-president said, referring to the fact that doctors in Brazil are already familiar with his health problems after the injury.
Bolsonaro experiences health problems after the assassination attempt in 2018. Then he was stabbed during an election rally in the city of Juiz de Foro, Minas Gerais state, almost a month before the elections. The knife damaged the mesenteric artery, which provides blood supply to the intestines. After that, Bolsonaro underwent several operations.
Brazilian Senator Renan Calheiros earlier sent a request to the judge of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil, Alexander de Moraes, for the urgent extradition of Bolsonaro from the United States. According to the senator, the former head of state is responsible for the unrest in Brazil. At the same time, US Democratic congressmen Joaquin Castro and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on the US authorities to “stop providing asylum” to the former Brazilian president and extradite him to his homeland. On Tuesday, Brazil‘s deputy prosecutor asked the court to freeze Bolsonaro’s assets.
Supporters of Bolsonaro, who have been protesting since the end of last year against the results of the presidential elections, seized the Congress building in the capital of Brazil on January 8, broke into the territory of the Planalto Palace, the presidential residence, and also into the building of the Supreme Court, local media reported. The police managed to clear the government buildings of the protesters only in the evening. On Monday, January 9, the security forces dispersed the demonstrators’ camp, located near the headquarters of the Brazilian armed forces.

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