Belarusians can be deprived of citizenship for extremism in six months

MINSK, January 10 – RIA Novosti. The rule on the possibility of losing the citizenship of Belarus by persons convicted of extremist crimes and who went abroad will come into force in six months, according to the law published on the national legal Internet portal.
On January 5, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a law on the possibility of losing the citizenship of the republic, including those acquired by birth, by persons convicted of extremism and causing grievous harm to national interests and who are outside the country, the press service of the head of state reported. Prior to this, the relevant amendments to the legislation were adopted by the Parliament.
According to the law, participation in extremist activity or causing grievous harm to the interests of Belarus is understood as the commission in any form by a person who has reached the age of 18, regardless of the place of his commission, of at least one of the crimes provided for in the articles “preparing or waging an aggressive war”, “propaganda war”, “act of terrorism against a representative of a foreign state or an international organization”, “attack on institutions enjoying international protection”, “international terrorist attack”, “genocide”, “crime against the security of mankind”, “production and distribution of prohibited means of warfare” , “inciting discord.”
The list of articles also included “rehabilitation of Nazism”, “denial of the genocide of the Belarusian people”, “ecocide”, “recruitment and training of mercenaries”, “mercenarism”, “use of weapons of mass destruction”, “violation of the laws of war”, “violations of international law”. during armed conflicts”, “inaction or a criminal order during an armed conflict”, “creation of an illegal armed formation”, “terrorist attack”, “a threat of a terrorist act committed by a group of persons in conspiracy, entailing grave consequences”, “financing of terrorism”, “assistance terrorism”, “preparation for terrorist activities”, “creation and participation in terrorist activities and organization”, “hostage-taking, buildings”, “riots”.

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It will also be possible to lose citizenship after committing crimes under the articles “theft of weapons by robbery or for the purposes of terrorism”, “illegal actions in relation to weapons for the purposes of terrorism”, “bringing into disrepair of means of communication for the purposes of a terrorist attack”, “hijacking a vehicle for the purposes of a terrorist attack or entailed grave consequences”, “illegal actions in relation to radioactive materials, their theft, the threat of their use for the purpose of a terrorist attack”, “illicit trafficking in poisonous substances for the purposes of a terrorist attack”, as well as “treason against the state”, “a conspiracy to seize power”, “a terrorist attack against a statesman”, “sabotage”, “calls for sanctions and harm to the interests of Belarus”, “creation, participation in an extremist formation”, “financing, assistance to extremist activities, training for extremist activities”, “murder of an employee of the internal affairs bodies, a military man “.
In addition, citizenship can be revoked for slander against the president of a citizen previously convicted of slander or a serious crime. You can also lose citizenship for resistance to a police officer, accompanied by the use of violence or such a threat, violence against a police officer, an official performing official duties, a judge, committed on the grounds of racial, national, religious hatred, political or ideological hostility, or on grounds of hostility in relation to any social group.

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