Argentine president calls Brazil riots an attempted coup

MEXICO CITY, January 8 – RIA Novosti. Argentine leader Alberto Fernandez expressed support for Brazilian President Lula da Silva amid unrest in the capital, which he called an attempted coup.
Supporters of ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, who have been protesting since the end of last year against the results of the presidential election, seized the Congress building in the Brazilian capital on Sunday, broke into the territory of the Planalto Palace, the presidential residence, and also into the building of the Supreme Court. Head of State Lula da Silva is on a one-day working visit to Sao Paulo and is expected to arrive in the capital on Sunday evening.
“I want to express my opposition to what is happening in Brazil. My unconditional support and the support of the Argentine people to Lule da Silva in the face of this coup attempt that he is facing,” Fernandez wrote on his Twitter blog.
Fernandez, as president of the country chairing CELAC and Mercosur, called on the members of the organizations to jointly oppose the anti-democratic processes in Brazil.
The Mexican and Colombian authorities also criticized the unrest and supported the new Brazilian government. Colombian President Petro called the seizure of administrative buildings a “blow of fascism” and called for a response from the Organization of American States.

Colombian president calls unrest in Brazil a blow to fascism

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