Media: Poland persuades NATO to throw all its forces into weakening Russia

MOSCOW, January 8 – RIA Novosti. Warsaw is trying to convince the allies in the North Atlantic Alliance of the need to take tougher measures against Russia, in particular, to expand the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the German newspaper Die Welt writes, citing diplomatic sources in the Polish Foreign Ministry.
“Some NATO members — including Germany — seem to want to end hostilities in Ukraine as soon as possible, even if Kyiv has to make territorial concessions. Poland, on the other hand, seeks to weaken Moscow in the long term,” the article says.

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According to interviewed experts from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Germany and France are in the group of countries in favor of an early peaceful settlement, while the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia are craving Ukraine’s “victory” by any means, but Poland tops this list.
“Even the United States and Great Britain, which, although they provide significant military support to Ukraine, are less radical,” said Justyna Gotkowska, an expert at the Polish Center (OSW).

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Poland takes a “rabid position on the verge of insanity” towards Russia.
Vladimir Putin has previously noted that Russia has never refused to negotiate with Ukraine, and the Kyiv authorities have forbidden it to themselves, “which looks somewhat unusual and even strange.” The President stressed that Moscow does not seek to spin the flywheel of the Ukrainian conflict, but to end it. According to him, Russia has always been open to dialogue, if Kyiv matures before that. At the same time, Western countries are increasingly talking about the need for Ukraine to continue hostilities, as well as supplying it with weapons and preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine on their territory.

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