6-year-old boy shoots teacher in US

MOSCOW, January 7 – RIA Novosti. A six-year-old boy has been detained in the United States for shooting at an elementary school and injuring a teacher, CNN reports, citing police chief Steve Drew.

“This is a six-year-old student. Now he is in custody,” Drew said.

The policeman added that “it was not an accidental shot.” He also noted that there was a quarrel between the teacher and the student.
“We will investigate, there are questions that we want to ask and find out. I want to know where these firearms came from, what the situation was,” Drew said.
According to the police, the teacher is in critical condition, “her injuries are considered life-threatening.”
Earlier, American analysts reported that since the beginning of 2023, more than 130 people have died in incidents with firearms in the United States.

Media: in the United States as a result of shooting at a school, at least four people were injured

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