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The main organization of railway workers in the United Kingdom, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMT, for its acronym in English) called to resume a 48-hour strike this Friday to defend, beyond wage increases, their right to protest. in sequence:

UK rail workers strike resumes

This constitutes the second measure of force of the workers of the sector this week. The workers are not only demanding a salary increase of seven percent in the face of growing inflation that exceeds ten percent.

In this sense, the railway workers defend their right to strike before a regulation proposed by the Government against strikes after last year the largest number of protests since 1980 were reported.

@RMTunion Mick Lynch talking about the Tory Government’s proposal to introduce minimum service levels and effectively ban working people from the fundamental right to withdraw their labor and ban striking.

—RMT (@RMTunion)
January 6, 2023

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch noted that this would “probably render the strike ineffective in many cases and the worker as an individual has no right to strike. If they don’t cross the picket lines, they could be fired. And it would be a legal dismissal automatically.

Regarding the fact that the government intends to hold the unions responsible for all the losses suffered during the stoppages, the leader stressed that the worker only “has the right to be exempt from legal proceedings for losses to companies or individuals if they take an action of strike”.

At the same time, Lynch added that “the unions could end up being, at best, a lobby group, saying: Here is a document that we prepared on low wages, or something similar.”

Based on this, the head of RMT called on British society to stop this government project while emphasizing that it is necessary to raise awareness that this is not only a problem for the unions.

In line, he expressed that “he has to be able to make this a problem for more than committed trade unionists. We need to say: This is about our rights. It is about our rights at work, our rights in society and the right to protest.”

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