Media: US wants to repeat the “trick” with the Minsk agreements

MOSCOW, January 5 – RIA Novosti. The United States got the desired benefit from the Ukrainian crisis they orchestrated, so now it is in their interests to pull off the trick with a peace treaty that Kyiv cannot fulfill in advance, following the example of the Minsk agreements, according to Rebelión columnist Fabrizio Casari.
“The continuation of the conflict would put a huge burden on Washington and Brussels, with no chance of victory on the ground. On the other hand, training, arming and funding neo-Nazi groups to continue military operations even after a peace agreement is reached will be inexpensive and will bring many benefits,” he said. .

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The journalist suggested that now the United States will promote an agreement that Kyiv will not comply with, as was the case with the Minsk agreements.
Earlier, in an interview with Die Zeit newspaper, former German chancellor Merkel admitted that the purpose of the Minsk agreements was to try to give Ukraine time to strengthen. She also expressed the opinion that in 2014 NATO could not provide Kyiv with weapons to the extent that the alliance is doing it now. In turn, former French President Francois Hollande said that the merit of the Minsk agreements lies in the fact that Kyiv got the opportunity to strengthen its military potential.

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President Vladimir Putin noted that he was disappointed by Merkel’s words about the motives for concluding the Minsk agreements. He stressed that Russia has never refused constructive negotiations with Ukraine, and the Kyiv authorities have forbidden it to themselves, which looks somewhat unusual and even strange.
The President added that Moscow does not seek to spin the flywheel of the Ukrainian conflict, but to end it. According to him, Russia has always been open to dialogue, if Kyiv matures before that. At the same time, Western countries are increasingly talking about the need for Ukraine to continue hostilities, as well as supplying it with weapons and preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine on their territory, the head of state added. At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that the status of the new territories that have become part of Russia is not subject to discussion.

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