Six teenagers arrested in Greece for rape

ATHENS, December 27 – RIA Novosti. In Athens, police have arrested six 15-year-olds for raping their peers, and two more have been put on the wanted list, Greek public television ERT reports.
The case caused a public outcry, the Minister for the Protection of Citizens Takis Theodorikakos called the incident “an unimaginably inhuman case.”

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It turned out that a group of eight 15-year-old teenagers had repeatedly raped a peer for more than a month, since the beginning of November, and filmed what was happening on their phones. They distributed the video on the mobile phones of friends and classmates, and the victim was bullied and intimidated to keep him silent.
“At some point, the parents realized that something was wrong with the child. The 15-year-old teenager found courage and told about the nightmare he had experienced. Then they turned to the police, six arrests were made in the authorities. Two more of their friends of the same age are wanted,” according to ERT.
It is reported that one of the teenagers fled to Albania, where he comes from.
The prosecutor’s office charged the detainees with crimes. However, one of them had to be released with restrictive conditions, as he was not yet 15 years old.
Searches were carried out in the houses, mobile phones with video recordings were seized, as well as a small amount of drugs.

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According to the information, they all confessed to sexual acts, but without the use of violence.
Authorities are also looking into the role of four teenage girls – three 15-year-olds and one 14-year-old – who were allegedly present during the torture and gang rape, ERT reported.
According to the OPEN TV channel, even experienced policemen were shocked when the teenagers told them that “it was a joke” and “it was just for fun.”
The Minister for the Protection of Citizens of Greece, Takis Theodorikakos, who is in charge of the police, called on the entire society to mobilize and prevent such incidents.

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“The unimaginably inhumane case of the repeated rape of a minor by eight of his peers shocks us all. The Greek police are doing their duty by identifying and investigating criminal acts. But on the extremely sensitive issue of violence between minors, everyone must mobilize before such events become part of the police report. And first it is up to parents and teachers to contribute,” the minister wrote on social media.
Theodorikakos urged the media and everyone to show the necessary delicacy and discretion.

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