In the United States recognized the “unpleasant” fact about the Patriot air defense system

MOSCOW, December 27 – RIA Novosti. The American anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) Patriot will not be able to significantly affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine and will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strengthen their air defense systems, writes the American portal Military Watch.
As stated in the article, the complexes are unlikely to help the Ukrainian army shoot down Russian missiles, both because of the questionable track record of the air defense system, and also because of the very small number of combat units that can be supplied as part of the military aid package.

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“The anti-aircraft missile system had great difficulty coping with homemade missiles and Soviet R-17 missiles of the 60s, so its ability to neutralize Russian missiles of the 21st century is seriously questionable,” observers noted.
The potential failure of the Patriot in Ukraine could jeopardize the possibility of further sales of the complex, the authors of the article summarized.
Last week, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, at the invitation of US President Joe Biden, visited Washington, where he met with the head of the White House and the leadership of Congress. Timed to coincide with his visit was the announcement of a new $1.85 billion package of US military assistance to Ukraine, which includes, among other things, a battery of Patriot air defense systems.

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