The French ridiculed Ukraine because of the attacks on Russia

MOSCOW, December 27 – RIA Novosti. Readers of the French newspaper Le Parisien ridiculed the proposal of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to deprive Russia of the status of a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Earlier on Monday, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on UN members to deprive Russia of its seat on the Organization’s Security Council and expel Russia from the UN as a whole, saying that Moscow, after the collapse of the USSR, allegedly took the place of a permanent member of the Security Council, bypassing the procedures established by the Charter of the organization

Ukrainian Foreign Minister wanted to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council

French readers were critical of Kyiv’s proposal.
“The behavior of the extremists who seized power in Kyiv in 2014 may eventually be seen outside the Russian world. To demand the exclusion of a country from the UN is a typical eccentricity coming from a regime that itself deserves to be expelled from this organization, ”the commentator with the nickname MarcM756 reacted.
“Rather, Ukraine should be excluded from the UN,” scaramouche supported him.
“Exclude Russia from the UN… well, we’ll see! This clown Zelensky wants to silence Russia and we understand why!” – Sentenza1966 syronized.
“We don’t care about Ukraine and its clown,” said AngeloA810.
“Down with this Zelensky. Who does he take himself for, this scammer,” said Bjf75.
After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Western countries periodically hear calls to expel Moscow from the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, Russia’s participation in the Security Council as a permanent member is spelled out in Article 23 of the organization’s charter. Thus, to exclude Russia from the Security Council, an amendment to the UN Charter is required. According to this document, the amendments require the signature of all permanent members of the Security Council. At the same time, Russia has the right to veto such a proposal.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called for Russia to be excluded from the UN

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