Medvedev called attempts to expand NATO preparation for war with Russia

MOSCOW, December 25 – RIA Novosti. Attempts to expand NATO to the east were preparations for war with Moscow, Security Council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev said in an article “Our people, our land, our truth” in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
“Now it is completely clear that in the relationship of independent and sovereign states with the Anglo-Saxon world in the current configuration, there can be no talk of trust, hope for the decency of partners, their loyalty to the word and even their own beautifully stated principles,” he wrote.
At the same time, Russia “now has no one to talk to and negotiate with the West about, and there’s no reason to,” Medvedev added.
He pointed out that today much more divides Russia and the West than it unites. In his opinion, the past year was a turning point in this regard, and the events that took place in it annulled the very possibility of a trusting and respectful dialogue.

When developing Russia’s foreign policy, NATO’s strategy is taken into account, the Foreign Ministry said

Medvedev stressed that the deeds and deeds of current and former Western leaders are striking in their cynicism. He recalled the words of ex-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel that the Minsk agreements were started in order to “give Ukraine time to become stronger.”

“That is, they were originally conceived in order to prepare for a bloody war. What the Kyiv neo-Nazis did, with the full connivance or direct assistance of the “civilized Europeans,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council believes.

He noted that at that time the Russian side trusted its partners, not expecting direct betrayal from them and open work to destroy the country. Medvedev recalled the events of 2010, when, as president, he participated in a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council.
“The members of the alliance assured us then that we did not pose a threat to each other and were ready to work together for the sake of the general security of the Euro-Atlantic area. NATO’s eastward expansion and preparations for confrontation – in fact, for war – with Russia did not stop for a minute. Endless muddy streams of cynical lies,” the deputy head of the Security Council said.

Medvedev predicted a change in the energy order for the West

In his opinion, the general crisis of confidence in Western countries, which are trying to confiscate Russian assets and introduce new sanctions with a stroke of the pen, is also obvious.
“For years, maybe decades ahead, we can forget about normal relations with the West. This is not our choice,” Medvedev stressed.
Russia will be waiting for “a new generation of sensible politicians” while developing relations with the rest of the world, he added.
At the same time, Medvedev noted the failure of the international policy of the United States and its allies.
“The dreams of the West about a unipolar world, where one can reign supreme and dictate one’s will, have not come true. Moreover: in modern conditions, the West is not at all able to offer the world any new ideas that can bring humanity forward, solve global problems, and ensure collective security” , — wrote the deputy head of the Security Council.

He added that there is a global ideological and philosophical collapse of the Western worldview, its model of the world order, which is especially noticeable in modern realities.

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