State Department approves possible deal to sell military helicopters to South Korea

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WASHINGTON, December 6 – RIA Novosti. The US State Department has approved a possible deal to sell about $1.5 billion worth of CH-47 Chinook military transport helicopters and related equipment to South Korea, the Defense Cooperation Agency, part of the Pentagon, said on Tuesday.
South Korea has requested 18 helicopters of this type from the United States, as well as equipment, including secure radios, radar warning systems, transponders, recognition systems and other equipment, according to a widespread statement from the agency. In addition, the cost includes logistics services and maintenance of these machines.
“The proposed sale will serve the purposes of US foreign policy and national security by strengthening the security of a leading ally, guaranteeing political stability and economic progress in the Asia-Pacific region,” the statement reads.
The US administration has already officially notified the US Congress of this decision. The legislature now has a month to review the potential deal and decide whether to block it.

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