Brazil’s permanent representative to the UN urged to comprehend the security architecture of Europe

UN, December 6 – RIA Novosti. Brazil‘s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ronaldo Costa Filho, called for a “more profound” understanding of the architecture of European security, while taking into account the concerns of all countries.
According to him, there is nothing more urgent than a ceasefire in Ukraine between the parties without preconditions.

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“We note the statements made by Western leaders in recent weeks about their desire to enter into dialogue with Russia in order to end hostilities. This is an important positive signal. These statements should result in the creation of a mechanism for conducting negotiations in a pragmatic, objective manner,” he said. Costa.
Brazil believes that the SC can and should serve as a platform to promote dialogue.
According to the permanent representative, the end of the conflict depends on a political decision.
“The time has come for a deeper understanding of the European regional security architecture, taking into account the concerns of all countries and the need to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Permanent Representative emphasized.

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