Spiegel: Scholz is trying to figure out Putin by reading books about him

MOSCOW, December 4 – RIA Novosti. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz studies the nature and logic of Vladimir Putin’s thinking by reading books about the Russian leader and his own articles, writes the German newspaper Spiegel.
The material mentions the works of European writers on Putin’s foreign and domestic policy, as well as an article by the president himself “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians”, written in July 2021.

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“The Chancellor is trying to find out who Putin listens to, what literature influences the Kremlin leader, what theoretical concept his policy is based on,” the article says.
According to the publication, in order to better understand the Russian president, Scholz even met with a Bulgarian political scientist and “Putin expert”, and also consulted with Angela Merkel.
Spiegel argues that non-fiction literature is the biggest weakness of the German chancellor. He is constantly reading, and his political strategies are often based on the findings of world famous writers.

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