Lukashenko: Belarusian and Russian military are preparing as a single army

MINSK, December 3 – RIA Novosti. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Belarusian and Russian military are conducting combat coordination in the republic, preparing as a single army to repel any aggression.
“I think the Belarusian Minister of Defense has already told you (during the talks between the ministers of the two countries earlier on Saturday – ed.) about the situation in Belarus, about the preparation, combat coordination of the units of Belarus and Russia that are present in Belarus. I must say that we are serious We have approached this. Both our and your officers are preparing guys. Both Belarusians and Russians are being trained. So that, if necessary, our first ranks – the defenders of the Union State – can repel any aggression, “Sputnik Belarus quotes Lukashenka as saying on Saturday .
According to him, issues are being resolved from first-aid kits to uniforms and weapons. “Nobody is dividing here: we, as a single group, a single army, are preparing today. Everyone around knows about it. We didn’t hide it. And it’s impossible to hide it in the modern world,” Lukashenka said.
He stressed that everything is going “as agreed with the President of Russia.” “You are not just in the know, you are implementing it with our Ministry of Defense. We are fulfilling our plans in this regard,” Lukashenka noted.

Shoigu called Belarus a reliable partner of Russia

On October 10, Lukashenka announced that he had agreed with the President of Russia on the involvement of a regional group of troops in connection with the aggravation of the situation on the western borders of the Union State. The Belarusian Defense Ministry clarified that the total number of Russian military personnel in the joint regional grouping of troops in Belarus is planned at a little less than 9,000. Russian military personnel began to arrive in Belarus, including the aviation component of the regional grouping of troops. Earlier it was reported that about 170 tanks, up to 200 armored combat vehicles and up to 100 guns and mortars with a caliber of more than 100 mm are also planned to arrive in Belarus as part of the deployed Belarusian-Russian group of troops from the Russian Federation.
Shoigu reported that Russia and Belarus have been conducting combat coordination of formations and units of the regional group of forces on Belarusian territory since October 22.

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