Paul Whelan contacted relatives from a prison hospital in Russia

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WASHINGTON, December 2 – RIA Novosti. American Paul Whelan, convicted in Russia for espionage, contacted his parents on Friday after a long pause in communication, which made the family and US authorities worried about his condition, his brother David Whelan told reporters.
He confirmed that Paul Whelan was in the prison hospital and assumed that he was being returned from there to correctional colony IK-17.

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“Paul called our parents today at around 5:30 AM EST (13:30 Moscow time). Paul said that he was given special permission to call home. So we know that phone calls are not a technical issue. For some reason they are forbidden to him,” said the brother of the prisoner.
Paul Whelan is serving a 16-year sentence in Russia for espionage. The US authorities recognized him, along with basketball player Brittney Griner, convicted of drug smuggling, “wrongly detained” and are negotiating with the Russian leadership for their release.
“Paul is now at LPU-21, the prison hospital. He did not say why he was there, but promised to call later. Our parents think that he is returning to IK-17 today. This call at least became proof that he was alive, although he did not explain anything else: when Paul got there, why, why the calls stopped, why the US embassy was forced to seek information about his whereabouts, why the Russian authorities refused to answer, and so on, “David Whelan said.

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