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Chinese President Xi Jinping met this Monday with his Mongolian counterpart Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, where both leaders participated in the signing of bilateral agreements on the economy, trade, investment, customs and other items. in sequence:

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During the meeting, President Xi highlighted the importance that both countries have for each other, which is why it is vital to promote stable and lasting neighborly and cooperative relations.

In addition, the Chinese leader added that both nations are together on the path of national modernization and revitalization.

The president added that his country is willing to increase exchanges with Mongolia in areas such as energy, mining and connectivity, information technology and livestock.

Xi indicated that both countries will increase their cooperation in science and technology, education, health, tourism, communication and all areas of development in order to improve the quality of life of the two peoples.

Khurelsukh assured for his part that his country is willing to increase political interactions and trade and economic exchanges with China.

The president asserted that Mongolia supports the one-China policy, as well as highlighted the efforts of this nation to defend national and international peace and stability, in addition to promoting development in the world.

The Mongolian president congratulated his counterpart on his re-election as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Central Committee, as well as on the successful holding of the 20th Congress of the entity.

The parties seek to achieve better articulation between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Development Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative and the New Recovery Policy of Mongolia; as well as between China‘s general two-phase strategies and the Mongolian Vision-2050 long-term development policy.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both delegations issued the Joint Declaration on the Advancement of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of the New Era between the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia, where they reaffirmed the willingness to work together for modernization and a related region on the basis of peaceful coexistence and mutual support.

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