Kosachev: the transfer of differences between countries to the attitude towards people is unacceptable

MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA Novosti. Political disagreements between states should not affect citizens and the humanitarian sphere, the corresponding norm should be fixed in international legal documents, said Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.
“In the relevant international legal documents (need to be included) – disagreements between the interstate and political levels under no circumstances can be transferred to the attitude towards people, starting with citizens of the respective countries, and to people who ethnically find themselves in appropriate situations,” the politician said. during a round table meeting on countering Russophobia abroad.

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The transfer of political differences to the humanitarian sphere should be recognized in the world as absolutely unacceptable, a “red line,” he added. Kosachev believes that now these initiatives are difficult to implement, but such goals should be set for ourselves.
He stressed that at present the Russian Federation is faced with a situation where all the “stop taps” have been thwarted. According to him, it is alarming that the rejection of some states by others “goes to the everyday level, and already in the societies of the respective countries there are no doubts that it is possible to behave this way.” According to the legislator, in countering Russophobia, one must work not alone, but find allies.
The senator recalled that there is such a thing as ethnocide. Kosachev believes that it is necessary to more systematically organize work to record all cases of violation of the rights of people abroad in a broad context, including the fate of monuments and all other subjects that are designated as Russophobia. He believes that the Russian Foreign Ministry should publish monthly reports on such violations. “It is important that there be a wave of civic activity abroad among those concerned,” the senator said.

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According to him, now people are frankly afraid, intimidated, “we understand this very well, they know that if they come out with some kind of protest against the loss of their rights, they will be overtaken by a punitive machine that will run them over with a bulldozer or a tank at the next stage” .
“Nevertheless, from my point of view, it is very important to explain to our compatriots abroad that if earlier certain disagreements concerned disagreements between states, and you had to actively defend and support Russia, or somehow remain silent, now we are talking about not only about Russia, but about themselves, about their own destinies. As a result, they will either have to leave their respective countries, where it will be impossible to live, or fight so that they remain in positions that they consider acceptable to themselves,” the legislator believes . Kosachev noted that it is necessary to provide maximum legal assistance to people who find themselves in such a situation.

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