The National Bank of Ukraine “printed” another 15 billion hryvnia, said the deputy of the Rada

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MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA Novosti. The National Bank of Ukraine “printed” 15 billion hryvnias ($410 million) by buying government bonds, in total since February 24, the regulator “printed” about 370 billion hryvnias (about $10.1 billion), Verkhovna Rada deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak said.
“The NBU bought bonds (“printed”) another 15 billion hryvnias (410 million US dollars – ed.). In general, since the beginning of the war, funding from the National Bank is 370 billion (10.1 billion US dollars – ed.)”, Zheleznyak wrote in Telegram channel.
According to him, another 30 billion hryvnias (about $820 million) will be “printed” in December, and then for the whole year there will be exactly the amount of 400 billion hryvnias ($10.9 billion), “as it was envisaged in the budget of this of the year”.
Earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine promised the US Embassy from 2023 to completely curtail the issue of the hryvnia to cover the state budget deficit, this became known after the meeting of the head of the National Bank Andriy Pyshny and his deputy Serhiy Nikolaychuk with the US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink and Economic Adviser of the US Embassy Heather Gezert

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