Landslide in Cameroon leaves at least 14 dead | News

At least 14 people died this Sunday and another ten were injured as a result of a landslide that occurred in a working-class neighborhood east of the Cameroonian capital, Yaoundé. in sequence:

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According to the governor of the Center region, of which Yaoundé is the main city, Naseri Paul Bea, dozens of people attended a funeral ceremony in the Damas neighborhood, which took place on a soccer field next to an embankment. with a height of 20 meters, when a section of it collapsed.

The avalanche, which occurred in the early hours of this Sunday, caused the fall of an unspecified number of those attending the funeral, who were spending the night in tents in the upper part of the ridge.

In addition to members of the Army, police and firefighters, residents of the area joined the search efforts. They tried to find the whereabouts of relatives who were on the site and were reported missing.

Images and videos disseminated through digital media and social networks show members of these forces and civilians digging in the middle of the night to rescue the bodies.

Paul Bea told the press that the search for survivors or fatalities continues. Local media reported that the injured were taken to nearby health centers.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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