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The Indonesian National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) announced this Friday that, after the discovery of 17 new bodies, the fatalities caused by the earthquake that affected the West Java province on Monday rose to 310. in sequence:

Indonesian president urges priority for evacuation after quake

The authorities specified that the magnitude 5.6 telluric event, which was generated at a shallow depth, has so far left more than 2,000 injured and more than 62,000 displaced, while the rescue and salvage brigades continue actions to locate 24 missing.

Given the dire consequences of the disaster, Indonesian President Joko Widodo visited the affected area last Tuesday and Thursday and stressed that the evacuation and rescue process should be prioritized.

Korban yang berhasil ditemukan hari ini berjumlah 17. Bersamaan dengan itu, tim DVI Polri, Basarnas dan Pusat Krisis Kemenkes berhasil mengidentifikasi 21 jenazah dari data puskes dan desa, termasuk mendapatkan identitas dari korban jiwa yang sudah dikebumikan keluarga.

— BNPB Indonesia (@BNPB_Indonesia)
November 25, 2022

Likewise, the Head of State sent his condolences to the families of the victims, while he praised the work of the rescue brigades to unblock a road affected by a landslide on Monday, which will allow the expansion of relief operations and the transfer of supplies to these areas.

It is worth noting that the search and rescue teams recovered this Friday 17 bodies that remained under the rubble and landslides caused by the tremors, which devastated various populated areas of the Cianjur district, epicenter of the earthquake, which has about 170,000 population.

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Hari ke-4 tim operasi SAR kembali menemukan jenazah korban gempabumi M 5.6 Cianjur. Lokasi penemuan ini di Desa Cijendil di lereng sungai. Dalam operasi SAR hari ini, Jumat (11/25), ada 7 jenazah yang ditemukan.

— BNPB Indonesia (@BNPB_Indonesia)
November 25, 2022

According to the Indonesian National Meteorological, Geophysical and Climatological Agency (BMKG), the quake occurred at 1:21 p.m. (local time), with its epicenter ten kilometers south of Cianjur. The event did not generate a tsunami risk.

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