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The Democratic Party of South Korea (opposition) demanded this Friday that the country’s president, Yoon Suk Yeol, remove the Interior Minister, Lee Sang Min, from office for managing the stampede that occurred last October during a celebration of Halloween in a district of Seoul, when almost 160 people lost their lives. in sequence:

Death toll from human avalanche in South Korea rises to 158

The legislator of the bench of that political organization, Park Hong Keun, affirmed that Parliament will hold accountable for what happened to the holder of the portfolio until his separation occurs, and reported that a motion of censure is being promoted.

The deputy told the Assembly that “President Yoon must take clear measures on the dismissal of the Interior Minister before Monday, the day that marks one month since the Itaewon tragedy.”

✅ 박홍근 대표 대표 “국정 계획서 본회 의 통과, 민주당이 비상 한 임할 것. 윗선 에는 한 못 떼 는 경찰 특수 본 수사, 특검 필요성 보여 줘. 책임자 파면해야.

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November 25, 2022

The South Korean opposition party militant stressed that the president “is defying the will of the people lately,” while stressing that Lee’s retirement “must take priority.”

Previously, the National Assembly approved this Thursday to carry out a parliamentary investigative process that will last 45 days to clarify the circumstances of the tragic events that caused the death of almost 160 people.

The entities subject to investigation are the presidential state affairs team, the national crisis management centre, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministries of the Interior, Security, Health and Social Welfare, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the Fire Department, the Government of Seoul and Yongsan District.

The investigation will focus on clarifying the fact that they did not act with foresight despite the fact that there was a prior warning about the possibility of security accidents in Itaewon due to the expected massive attendance for the Halloween festivities.

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