Data on Hunter Biden’s laptop was not corrupted, media reported

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WASHINGTON, November 22 – RIA Novosti. An independent review has not found any evidence of data tampering found on a laptop left in a repair shop in 2019 by Hunter Biden, son of current US President Joe Biden, CBS News reported.
In October 2020, the New York Post published a series of materials based on correspondence allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was found in a Delaware repair shop. The owner of the workshop made a copy of his hard drive, which was given to Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York and personal lawyer of then US President Donald Trump. The laptop was reportedly later seized by the FBI.

Dad decides, and Hunter surrenders. Republicans take on Biden business connections

The TV channel claims that an independent audit commissioned by it did not reveal any indications that the data from the laptop had been distorted or falsified.
Brian Della Rocca, a lawyer for the owner of the repair shop where Biden Jr.’s laptop was left, provided the TV channel with an “exact copy” of the data from the device. According to the lawyer, he himself considers the data provided by him “clean” – as opposed to the versions that the Republicans disseminated before the 2020 elections in order to harm the then Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
It is noted that an independent analysis conducted by two cyber investigators from the Computer Forensics Service in Minneapolis “did not reveal any evidence that user data was altered, fabricated or forged.”
According to the channel, the review was carried out because the data from the laptop, as well as bank records, are at the center of an upcoming House investigation into the Biden family’s business ties.
House Oversight Committee Republican James Comer last week promised an investigation into US President Joe Biden over whether his family was involved in international business schemes and whether the American leader is a national security risk. According to the legislator, the son of US President Hunter entered into business connections around the world and could become a millionaire simply by providing access to high-ranking members of his family. Among other things, as Comer pointed out, Hunter Biden could be connected to human traffickers, and evidence of the controversial activity is contained in his laptop.

Media: investigation collected evidence to accuse Hunter Biden

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