Vucic urges Kosovo Serbs to show restraint

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BELGRADE, November 22 – RIA Novosti. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, in a meeting with Kosovo Serb leaders, urged them to show restraint in light of tensions in the province over Pristina’s controversial measures.
EU diplomat Josep Borrell held a new round of high-level talks between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels on Monday amid the deteriorating situation in Kosovo. Following the meetings, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that negotiations on postponing the controversial measures of the Kosovo Albanian authorities had not yielded results and that “a difficult period ahead” was expected.

Kosovo postpones fines for Serbian license plates for another 48 hours

In the evening, the Serbian leader announced that the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo had sent special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the north of the region. On Tuesday night, Kosovo Serb political representatives arrived in Belgrade for a meeting with Vučić.
“We asked them to take care of themselves, to be restrained in order to maintain peace and stability, to respond to someone else’s rudeness and impudence in the same way as decent people do. We only want to preserve our own and nothing more. I am sure that as a people we will show maturity and preserve our hearths “, the Serbian leader wrote on social media.
Vučić also posted a video recording of this statement from the office, filmed according to him by the head of the Ministry of Finance, Sinisa Mali, and noted that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic also participated in the conversation. Who exactly was at the meeting from the Kosovo Serbs is not specified.
The “Prime Minister” of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has postponed the issuance of fines for license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for another 48 hours, which he announced on social networks on Tuesday night.
The Kosovo Police announced earlier that from November 1, owners of vehicles in the province with the registration letter PR (Pristina), KM (Kosovska Mitrovica), PZ (Prizren), GL (Gnjilane), UR (Uroševac), PE (Pec), DA or ĐA (Gjakovica) issued by the Serbian authorities, 1740 warnings were issued. They had to re-register them with plates with RKS symbols – “Republic of Kosovo”.
Vučić said on Sunday that he expects the Kosovo Albanian authorities not to reverse their decision on fines for Serbian numbers and that there will be a escalation in Kosovo after November 21 due to the controversial Pristina measures.
The Kosovo Albanian authorities require local Serbs to re-register all cars with license plates issued by the Serbian authorities with the letters “KM” to plates with Kosovo symbols and the inscription “RKS”, and from November 21 they plan to issue fines from 150 euros to violators. On September 20, 2021, the authorities of the self-proclaimed Kosovo banned entry with Serbian numbers and deployed a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ROSU to the north of the region. In response, local Serbs blocked the road with construction equipment towards the Yarine and Brnjak checkpoints and held the blockade, despite attempts by the “police” to disperse them using tear gas and special equipment. From the side of central Serbia, military personnel in armored vehicles were on duty on the highway, helicopters and fighter jets flew around the area. After that, in negotiations with the mediation of the Western countries, a temporary solution was reached with the sealing of symbols on the numbers at the entrance and exit from Kosovo and Metohija to central Serbia.

The United States expressed disappointment with the results of the negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo with Borrell

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