The Federation Council told when relations between Russia and Ukraine will improve

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MOSCOW, November 21 – RIA Novosti. Relations between Russia and Ukraine will normalize only after the change of power in Kyiv, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said in an interview with the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.
“I do not expect anything good from the current authorities of Ukraine. They are captive to their own previous actions, ideological attitudes. They have no freedom of maneuver. Real normalization, in my opinion, is possible only after a change of power in Ukraine. I hope this time it will happen constitutional way,” he said.
In addition, the politician stressed that Kyiv must begin to be forced to fulfill its obligations, which were laid down in the Minsk agreements. At the same time, he admitted that they were already wasting their strength in the form in which they were prescribed in 2014-2015.
“But the principle that was laid down in them has not lost its force: the internal conflict in Ukraine has no military solution, it must be resolved politically through a dialogue between the authorities and their own population,” he said.

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Recently, Zelensky has spoken out more than once about negotiations with Moscow, and his statements were extremely contradictory: he either ruled out the possibility of any dialogue, then put forward conditions for its start, or demanded that the negotiations be made public. As the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted, the Kyiv authorities have seven Fridays a week, but all this only says that the Ukrainian side does not want any dialogue at all.
Nevertheless, Peskov stressed, Moscow is open to negotiations and its goals are well known to the Kyiv authorities.

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