Russians in Israel may be in for an “unpleasant surprise”

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MOSCOW, November 19 – RIA Novosti. The parliamentary coalition that is being formed in Israel, which includes representatives of the ultra-right forces, may deprive the right to repatriate the grandchildren of Jews, which will affect tens of thousands of immigrants from Russia living in the country, Eli Gervits, a well-known Israeli lawyer, member of the public council of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC), told RIA Novosti.
“One of their main coalition demands is the abolition of the paragraph on grandchildren in the Law of Return. Now it works like this: only the one whose mother is Jewish (and also her mother, and so on until the beginning of centuries) is a Jew. Such a person in legal practice called the last Jew. Two generations are counted from him – to children and grandchildren. And they also have the right to repatriation, “Gervits explained.

Third coming. Netanyahu received a mandate to form a government

The abolition of this rule, according to him, will affect tens of thousands of immigrants from the countries of the former USSR – if the legislative act adopted in this regard is retroactive. The lawyer recalled that the Israeli authorities periodically revoke citizenship on various grounds as a result of random checks.
“Israeli politicians have periodically called before either to cancel the Law of Return or to “narrow” it. But everything worked out. Right-wing radical forces have now been elected to the Knesset, which was an unpleasant surprise for many. Therefore, there is reason for concern,” emphasizes Gervits.
Therefore, he advises those “who are not Jewish by mother” to hurry up, otherwise the “legislative window” may close soon.
Snap elections to the 25th Knesset were held in Israel on November 1, and became the fifth consecutive elections in three and a half years.
On November 3, the Israeli Central Election Commission announced the completion of the counting of votes cast in the elections to the Knesset, as a result of which the bloc of ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu received a parliamentary majority of 64 votes. Thus, Netanyahu can form a right-religious coalition with his traditional partners, based on a parliamentary majority of 64 deputies. The bloc of his opponents has 46 votes, ten more – from the Arab parties. Israeli Central Election Commission Chairman Judge Yitzhak Amit presented the final results of the Knesset elections to the Duke last Wednesday.
Following three days of consultations with representatives of the new Knesset parties, last Sunday the president assigned the task of forming a new government to Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli law allocates 28 days for coalition negotiations and the formation of a new cabinet of ministers, to which, if necessary, another 14 can be added.

Deputies of the Israeli Knesset of the new convocation sworn in

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