Pentagon: US does not change the balance of power in Poland after the missile incident

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WASHINGTON, November 18 – RIA Novosti. The United States has no plans at this stage to change the deployment of its military forces in Poland after the missile incident in that country, said Deputy Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh.
“As far as you know, the Minister of Defense spoke with his Polish counterpart this week. He also made it clear yesterday after the meeting of the contact group on assistance to Ukraine that we have offered Poland our support in conducting this investigation. As for the alignment of forces and the like, then there have been no changes regarding Poland,” Singh said during the briefing.

Duda called the state of emergency in Poland a “huge stress” for Ukraine

Polish media reported on November 15 in the evening that two rockets fell on the territory of Poland – two people were killed. Initially, there were speculations about Russian missiles. However, Polish President Andrzej Duda later said that he had no evidence that the fallen missile was Russian, and that it was “highly likely” that it belonged to Ukrainian air defense. NATO voiced similar data. The Russian Defense Ministry said no strikes were made on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border that day. The Russian Foreign Ministry, in a statement on the “missile incident,” expressed confidence that an impartial investigation and publication of its results would expose the “provocation.”

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