The United States included Russia among the founders of the new world order

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MOSCOW, November 17 – RIA Novosti. Russia will be among the four founding great powers of the new world order, such an opinion was expressed in an article for the American edition of The Hill by Professor of International Relations Andrew Latham.
The world rules that developed after the end of the Second World War met only the interests of the United States, but at present the situation has changed dramatically, he stated.
“The institutions that govern the global economy are tottering under the weight of recurring financial crises, and even stable regional organizations such as NATO and the European Union are experiencing unprecedented centrifugal forces that threaten to tear them apart,” Latham writes.
The balance between the centers of equal forces, which will have to create updated norms, will have to be built for a very long time. In the new world, the professor predicts, the interests of all countries will be taken into account. Order will not be built by Washington for Washington; it will not just be a reflection of American values ​​and interests.
“The new world order will reflect the values ​​and interests of countries such as China and India, and perhaps even Russia, to the same extent as the United States,” Latham concluded.

Russia is changing to win

Earlier, Deputy Head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that it is Russia, and not the West, that today is shaping the future equal world order.
“It is Russia today that is shaping the future world order, not the United States with Britain or dark Kyiv. And this new equal world order will be built,” Medvedev assured.

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