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At least 20 people were killed and almost fifty injured as a result of the explosion of a tanker truck while it was driving through the state of Kogi, in southwestern Nigeria, the media reported this Friday. in sequence:

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According to reports, the accident was caused by a conflict between police forces and vehicle drivers at a road checkpoint.

At one point during the dispute, some soldiers began to fire at the trucks and others tried to block the road, the sources say, until in the midst of the confusion another large vehicle that was traveling through the area crashed into one of the tanks, causing the sinister.

The authorities assure that the detonating tank had a fuel leak, since they usually lead to technical problems.

The sources count about 30 vehicles charred by the gasoline fire, around the primary explosion, whose occupants were the main victims.

Initially they had reported only 12 deaths, but the number grew over the hours.

I am grateful for life, I survived with my children (Kogi tanker explosion)
A tanker driver puts us in a situation ☹

— Queenilla (@Queenilla87)
November 11, 2022

The police declared that they had cordoned off the area after providing assistance and will carry out the expert investigation, without providing further details.

Aware of the Nigerian reality, they explain that such crashes are common on most of Nigeria’s main roads, despite the measures recently imposed by the road safety body.

Kogi, for its part, is a critical point in the cargo transportation network of such a nature that it already had 10 deaths to its credit during another similar accident last September, local media highlight.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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