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The city of Genichesk became the administrative center of the Kherson region, while the Russian Defense Ministry said it had completed the withdrawal of its troops from the west to the east bank of the Dnieper River. in sequence:

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Alexander Fomin, a representative of the Kherson regional administration, commented: “Genichesk is now the capital. The vast majority of authorities are now located in Genichesk. And only a few ancillary structures are located in Skadovsk.”

On October 18, the authorities of the Kherson region announced the massive displacement of residents of settlements, including the capital, to the left bank of the Dnieper.

��������After the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson and Russia’s insistence that this fact does not change the status of the region, the pro-Russian authorities have declared the city of Geníchesk as the new temporary administrative capital of the territory.

— The Political Room (@Political_Room)
November 12, 2022

All ministries and departments were evacuated from the right bank of the Kherson region, the authorities removed monuments and historical values ​​from museums.

Under a referendum last October, Kherson decided to join Russia, days later President Vladimir Putin declared the union of the federation with four regions of eastern Ukraine: the self-proclaimed republics of Donestk, Lugansk, Kherson and

Genichesk is located on the eastern edge of Kherson, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov and approximately 20 kilometers north of the border of the Crimean peninsula.

The city of Genichesk, a major seaport and tourist center in the area, came under Russian control on February 27, three days after the start of the special military operation in Ukraine.

Ukraine attacks an area with 200 civilians during their evacuation

On the other hand, about 200 civilians were this Saturday in the city of Nóvaya Kajovka (Kherson province) when the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an artillery attack, reported the mayor of the town, Vladimir Leóntiyev.

The elderly and children, “civilians who were tired of what was happening,” were targeted by Ukrainian artillery during their evacuation, he denounced.

A spokesman for the municipal administration also revealed that the Ukrainian military were aware that children, women and the elderly were at the scene.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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